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Lloyd Evans: The Litigation and The Fury


Lloyd Evans has repeatedly threatened people who have made public comments on social media as well as videos/interviews about him that he has considered defamatory with legal action.  He has made it quite clear that he views any such information which is not in line with his narrative as "defamation", "lies", "slander" and such persons who promote and disseminate such viewpoints are liable for criminal prosecution and civil litigation.

Mr Evans has retained the following law firm to represent him: Law Firm Karlo Novosel Radnička cesta 32, Zagreb Croatia

On 9 March 2022, Lloyd Evans through his lawyer's office sent legal threat letters to 12 former JWs and demanded payment in exchange for dropping planned criminal charges against the same. The recipients are as follows:

Kim Silvio, Australia, €8000

Mike and Kim Brooks, USA, €8000

Joel Martz "The Vast Apostate Hour" & "Alien Encounters" on the livestream, USA, €8000

Marc and Cora Latham, UK, €8000

Jonathan Burger, Netherlands, €3000

Jake Vaughn Crites "altworldly", USA, €3000

Sean McGee "CappyTan", USA, €3000

Terry Harrop "Jehovah's Witnesses Beliefs Discussed", UK, €3000

Phil Evangelinos "JW Thoughts", UK, €3000

Neil Gardner "The Great Apostate", UK, €3000

The Magnificent Seven


The “Criminal Defendants” as listed in the Sisak Municipal Court (Case K-252/2022) filing:

Jonathan Burger

Kim Brooks

Cora Latham

Kim Silvio

Mike Brooks

Joel Martz

Marc Latham

Litigation Timeline

Here is a timeline of these threats and corresponding actions.

9 February 2022 – Lloyd Evans issues a statement on JW Watch that he is under the “Instruction of my legal team who are preparing legal remedies”.  

16 February 2022 - Lloyd Evans denies any of his behaviour was abusive or criminal as related on the livestream, despite the illegality of prostitution in both Thailand and Croatia.  Also, he evidently did not consider his behaviour toward his wife as abusive.  Any comments to the contrary are met by legal threats.

18 February 2022 – To assist in his planned lawsuit, Lloyd Evans invites social media users via Twitter to report people to him directly by email using the subject line “Evidence”

21 February 2022 – In a comment in response to “altworldly” Jake Vaughn’s video about the scandal, Lloyd threatens to add him "to the litigation.”

25 February 2022 – Colleague and personal friend Javier Ortiz issues a public statement revealing that The Truth About The Truth documentary team had asked Lloyd Evans to resign as Producer and Writer for the project. Per Ortiz’s account, Lloyd has refused to resign and has threatened to sue him and the production team.

March 1 2022 – In his “I’m Back” video announcing his return, Lloyd relates that “I’ve hired a lawyer whose team is currently pursuing all legal remedies, including filing criminal charges where necessary.”   Go to the 3:51 mark on the following video:

I'm back - YouTube

7 March 2022 – Karlo Novosel’s legal threat letters are composed and emailed to 12 exJWs who Lloyd accused of defamation.

14 April 2022 - Lloyd Evans goes on the "On the Edge" podcast with former BBC journalist Andrew Gold.  Per Gold's account, Lloyd threatens to sue him if he allows Kim Silvio on to a rebuttal livestream.  Gold makes a few other videos detailing what he felt was "cult behaviour" from Lloyd in attempting to control the flow of information.  Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Sohom Das also meets with Gold to discuss what he feels is a sign of Lloyd being a narcissistic sociopath.  

Ex-Jehovah Lloyd Evans refuses to apologise for scandal & threatens to SUE me - YouTube

Kim Silvio reacts to Lloyd Evans scandal after he threatens to sue me - YouTube

My side of the story | a strongly-worded rebuttal to Lloyd Evans scandal - YouTube

Leaving Lloyd Evans - 5 worrying signs you're in a cult (AGAIN!) - YouTube

Talk with ANDREW GOLD - threatened by Ex-Jehovah (Lloyd Evans) over scandal - YouTube

29 April 2022 – Case K-252/2022 filed with Sisak Municipal Court

4 May 2022 – Lloyd announces on Twitter he had filed a lawsuit against 7 people, whom he labels as “defendants” and “bullies”.

5 May 2022 – Threatens civil litigation in addition to the “criminal litigation”. Also reiterates that the 7 people he is suing are “defendants” who are being “criminally sued”.

3 June 2022 - In a series of comments on Kim Silvio's video What Does Lloyd Know? - Kim Silvio , Lloyd makes several legal threats against people commenting on the scandal.

10 June 2022 – In a Facebook post, Lloyd gives the names of the seven “defendants” and makes further legal threats towards others whose names were not among them. He also promises to make the “amended paperwork” available and had instructed his legal team to expedite the matter.  Also claims that the burden of proof is not on him, and he is under no obligation to present evidence of defamation.

10 June 2022 - In a reply to the Facebook statement, California lawyer Shawn Batten explains the folly of Lloyd's argument that he is under no burden of proof but rather the defendants are.  Batten also makes the legal case that Croatian laws are not enforceable on alleged offences committed outside its borders.  Lloyd deflects and reveals another motive for the lawsuit - to obtain a verdict in absentia (i.e. a default judgment due to the defendants not showing up) regardless of the facts of the case.

30 August 2022 - Personally files a submission to the Sisak Municipal Court (JLE).

1 September 2022 – Unblocks Jonathan Burger to label him as a defendant in a “criminal lawsuit” and also as a “former pornographer”, “liar”. “hypocrite”, and “racist”.  Burger is then re-blocked after getting this snide and insulting comment in.  

4 September 2022 – Tweets out a link to a three-page manifesto declaring that he will endlessly litigate Kim Silvio and others for the next 40 years of his life or his dying breath if necessary.  (This link went dead after a few days)

6 September 2022 – Tweets that he is “criminally suing” Kim Silvio and that she is stalking him.

9 November 2022 – Taunts the seven “defendants” by reiterating that he is suing them.

14 November 2022 – Personally files a submission to the Sisal Municipal Court (JLE).

26 December 2022 – Tweets that Kim Silvio is being “criminally prosecuted” for her “disgusting defamation campaign.”.

14 July 2023 - Sisal Municipal Court dismisses Lloyd Evans' case against seven exJWs

The Pattern of Behaviour

Lloyd Evans has a tendency to delete comments which are at present inconvenient to him.  For example, his 4 September three page rant against Kim Silvio was originally on a share that no longer exists.  His comment to Jake “altworldly” on his YouTube channel has similarly been deleted and was only sourced by going back and looking at older Facebook posts.  It is for this reason that these screenshots have been included.  It is to provide proof of what is alleged as Lloyd Evans is quick to demand proof and dismiss anything detrimental to himself, his business and his activism career as lies and defamation.  Lloyd’s worst enemy is himself and what he has already posted on social media and other means.  The litigation threats this article is about are crucial to document because his first impulse after the case is dismissed is to outright lie or downplay the intent of the lawsuit to begin with.  Lloyd is very serious about suing former JWs who are critical of his activities in Thailand and with sex workers.  He continually taunts the “defendants” online and submits documents to the court. He now denies most of the admissions he made in his livestream, and intentionally obfuscates the issue by saying “The only thing I admitted to was being a flawed individual.” 

What reasonable person who watched his 1 hour 38-minute-long livestream would ever think that being a “flawed individual” was his only admission?  Here it is before he even removes the video altogether: 

Everything you DON'T need to know about my private life - YouTube 

It is important to remember that this is not some sort of "one-off" or fluke behaviour from Lloyd Evans.  This is a long and established pattern of him seeking out information he wishes to suppress and then making threats toward the people disseminating it.  It is the flow of information that he seeks to control and will seek out and destroy people's credibility in the public theatre in order to make his version of events the accepted truth.  This is why he keeps labeling people as "defendants" in a "criminal lawsuit", despite the fact that the court has refused to serve any defendants listed over eight months after he filed as of 19 January 2023.  By creating the illusion that Kim Silvio and others are criminal defendants and Silvio herself as a fake lawyer, Evans is seeking to discredit everything from those sources instead of trying to stick with the facts of the case.  The facts are not friendly to him, and he continues to defame people in order to distract.

Lloyd Evans is a proven and habitual liar, and he will do anything and everything to preserve his business – which is exJW activism.  He counts on people eventually forgetting what he did, shaming those who won’t accept his version by claiming they hold a JW mindset and are doing the WT’s work for them by taking down such a great activist.  Don’t fall for his game or his grift.