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On 14 February 2022, two weeks after the livestream, screenshots were circulated that were claimed to have been from an email chain between "James Evanston" and a 14 year old named "Becca" from March to May 2008.  We make no definitive claims that "James Evanston" is indeed James Lloyd Evans.  Nor do we make any similar claims regarding the authenticity of the emails, which have been categorically denied by Lloyd Evans and a Twitter account claiming to be his wife.  However, it should be noted that during the purported time period these emails covered, Lloyd Evans was 28 and had been married for nearly a year.  

It is up to the reader to decide whether or not these emails deserve further scrutiny.  Marc Latham had reached this conclusion on the day they were released and submitted this information to the police in Gloucester, England.  Lloyd Evans's response to Marc doing this and making a video about it encouraging Lloyd to turn himself into the police for questioning was to sue him in Sisak Municipal Court for criminal charges of defamation.  

It is important to note that as of this day (19 January 2024) no court has adjudicated whether or not Marc and others were guilty of defamation by passing these emails to the police or to other parties.  No charges relating to these emails have been filed against Lloyd Evans.  Again, it is for the reader to decide as to the veracity of the information.  We reveal it here only for purposes of transparency because of the unresolved claims of defamation and Lloyd including it as evidence for his lawsuit.  It is important that we present all information that is relevant to this on-going scandal.  For that reason, we will provide no commentary and post these emails only for your reference.

The reader is advised to use discretion in reading the following.  They can be triggering.  If you need assistance, please contact local sources for support.  We do not advise that CSA victims or otherwise abused victims read any further.