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Lloyd Evans: Theocratic Warfare

The following is a list of relevant videos about Lloyd Evans and the drama he has caused in the community.  Some go back all the way to 2014, whilst most of them are regarding the current issues with Lloyd, the Thailand trip, and his exposed hypocrisy and grift.  Please note that many some of these videos are satire, whilst most of them are a factual analysis of the matters at hand.  Also note that the various creators listed below have their own viewpoints both about Lloyd and other non-related topics and their appearance on this list should not indicate that they are in agreement with the other creators all the time and even of everything presented in these videos.  Please watch with an open mind and try to understand what the particular video is attempting to convey.


Mike and Kim Brooks along with their daughter Shyla Huntley and her husband discuss their issues with Lloyd Evans.

Link: Our Thoughts on Lloyd Evans Scandal...Was Said 8 Years Ago - YouTube


JW Primetime (Tony Balchen)

Discusses his thoughts about the Lloyd Evans drama.

Link: Lloyd Evans was a P.O.S. even 7 years ago! - YouTube

Satirical video about Lloyd's planned "JW Survey Day" holiday.

Link: Hooray For JWSurvey Day!!! - YouTube

Alien Encounters (Joel Martz) explains the controversy surrounding Lloyd's bootlegging of Crisis of Conscience using Lloyd's own words.

Link: Lloyd Evans: Crisis of Conscience- Intellectual property thief? - YouTube


Son of Thunder's (Eric Khoury) analysis of the Lloyd Evans gift and hypocrisy when comparing this to WT's constant requests for money

Link: John Con Cedars: The Reluctant Televangelist - YouTube


JW Fairy Tales (Tom) appears on The Vast Apostate Hour podcast and expresses his feelings about Lloyd Evans

Link: Tom's prediction from 2017? *SIPPY CUP WARNING* - YouTube


Lloyd Evans

31 January 2022 ivestream (unlisted)


Lloyd's return on 1 March 2022

Link: I'm back - YouTube

Kim Silvio:

Confirmation of her identity following her post being removed from exJW Reddit

Link: Statement regarding Lloyd evans - YouTube

Viewpoint about Lloyd Evans and his concerns about elephant abuse in Thailand

Link: Lloyd Evans Litigation Update - YouTube

Lloyd is dating again

Link: What does Lloyd know? - YouTube

Rundown on the litigation threats and lawsuit from Lloyd Evans


Jonathan Burger - Kim Silvio Interview livestream 4 days after her statement

Link: The Lloyd Evans Rebuttal Video Hearing Kim Silvio's Side - YouTube

The Vast Apostate Hour (Joel Martz)

Analysis of the livestream

Link: Lloyd Evans Meltdown: This Actually Happened. - YouTube

Marko’s Testimony

Link: "This is my testimony." -Marko - YouTube

Analysis of Lloyd Evans's pre-Judicial Committee video

Link: None of the "Cult Experts" bothered vetting John Cedars? #lloydgate - YouTube

Joel and Kassie's statement on Lloyd Evans's harassment

Link: Our statement on Lloyd's harassment. - YouTube

Thoughts on Lloyd Evans and his past sexual misdeeds

Link: Thoughts on "Marko" - YouTube

Magnificent 7 Livestream with Mike and Kim Brooks, Marc and Cora Latham, Kim Silvio, Jonathan Burger, Cappytan, and JW Fairy Tales

Link: Between The Lines With "The Magnificent Seven" LIVE - YouTube

One Year Anniversary livestream with Mike and Kim Brooks, Marc and Cora Latham, Kim Silvio and JW Fairy Tales

The Great Apostate (Neil Gardner)

Reaction to the Lloyd Evans livestream

Link: Hookers, ExJW's and Hypocrisy, The Lloyd Evans Scandal. - YouTube

Response to Lloyd Evans's statement that he is suing him

Link: The Lloyd Evans Debacle Continues! - YouTube

In-person interview with Kim Silvio

Link: The Great Apostate & Kim Silvio. - YouTube

Marc and Cora Latham

Message to Lloyd Evans

Link: John Cedars, a message from me. - YouTube

Marc hands in the Marko testimony and other evidence to the police regarding Lloyd Evans

Link: James Lloyd Evans -You Need to hand yourself in NOW! - YouTube

Marc calls Lloyd's lawyer and asks to speak regarding the letter sent to him

Link: Mr Lloyd Evans The saga continues! - YouTube

Truth Seeker Atheist (Peter Jueck) Response to the Lloyd Evans scandal and why he's terminating his financial support

Link: Lloyd Evans - Why I Dropped My Financial Support - YouTube

Coach Dee Free - Her colourful take on the Lloyd Evans scandal

Link: Lloyd Evans gets SMOKED!!//Is the ExJW Community FINISHED!?//DFS.015 - YouTube

Cappytan's response to Lloyd Evans' legal threat letter to him

Link: Lloyd, I apologize. - YouTube

altWorldly (Jake Vaughn)

Breakdown of the Lloyd Evans scandal

Link: Explaining the Lloyd Evans Scandal (And Why it Matters) - YouTube

Response to Lloyd's legal threat letter sent to him

Link: Lloyd Evans' Lawyer Sent Me a Letter and Then it Got Worse - YouTube

Fateful Slave (Parker Brian)

Running commentary on the entire Lloyd Evans livestream

Link: The Lloyd Evans Sex Scandal IS our Business - YouTube

(With Maegs) Analysation of how the scandal appears to people outside the community.

Link: Lloyd Evans Morality Discussion Goes Viral Outside EXJW Community - YouTube

Ashtyn and Jon (Never JWs with no JW background)

Reaction to the ongoing Lloyd Evans scandal

Link: The Lloyd Evans Sex Scandal IS our Business - reaction - YouTube

Link: The Lloyd Evans Sex Scandal IS our Business part 2 - reaction - YouTube

Link: Lloyd Evans' ego, and addiction to power - reaction - YouTube

Link: Leaving Lloyd Evans 5 worrying signs you're in a cult AGAIN! - reaction - YouTube

Kameron Fader's breakdown of the Lloyd Evans scandal and his account of his own experience with him

Link: This Is Why People Don't Like Lloyd Evans - YouTube

JW Thoughts (Wally Barnett) Explanation of how Lloyd Evans deleted a comment and then lied about it to him.

Link: LLoyd Evans Called Me Out... Oh Boy! - YouTube

Andrew Gold (On The Edge Podcast)

Lloyd Evans Interview

Link: Ex-Jehovah Lloyd Evans refuses to apologise for scandal & threatens to SUE me | OTE Podcast 108 - YouTube

Kim Silvio interview and her response to Lloyd Evans

Link: Kim Silvio reacts to Lloyd Evans scandal after he threatens to sue me - YouTube

Rebuttal to the Lloyd Evans interview

Link: My side of the story | a strongly-worded rebuttal to Lloyd Evans scandal - YouTube

Examining the cult of personality surrounding Lloyd Evans

Link: Leaving Lloyd Evans - 5 worrying signs you're in a cult (AGAIN!) - YouTube

Dr Sohom Das (A Psyche for Sore Minds)

Forensic Psychiatrist Dr Sohom Das gives his opinion that Lloyd Evans is a narcissist.

Link: Talk with ANDREW GOLD - threatened by Ex-Jehovah (Lloyd Evans) over scandal - YouTube

Jehovah's Witnesses Beliefs Discussed (Now "The Soundtrack of My Life")

Reaction to Lloyd's Litigation letters sent out

Link: Little Lloyds Litigation Letter - Statement from James Lloyd Evans revealed on Twitter - YouTube

Counter offer to Lloyd's letter sent to him

Link: My counter offer to Lloyd Evans asking for video apology, 3,000 Euro's, & removal of Lloyd Content, - YouTube

Remarks on the legacy of Lloyd Evans

Link: The Legacy of James Lloyd will you remember Lloyd & Little Lloyd, in years to Cum. - YouTube

Lloyd Evans vs Thai Pleasures - a Twitter conversation

Link: Lloyd Evans v Thai Pleasures. The Twitter Conversation about dating or paying for a girl in Thailand - YouTube

Latest on Lloyd

Link: What the hell is going on with Lloyd Evans? Jehovah's Witness Carting Encounters, 5 Month Catch Up. - YouTube

Comments on Lloyd leaving the bunker

Link: Lloyd Evans is finally leaving the bunker, with it's Legacy, like him, Stained Forever. - YouTube

Lloyd is dating again

Link: A Separated Lloyd Evans attempts Speed Dating, Lloyds Ring, & how exactly was this trip funded then? - YouTube

Thoughts on Patreon

Link: Lloyd Evans, Patreon, & the funding for Thai Adventures with Little Lloyd, explained. - YouTube


Lloyd Evans

Link: Things are bad - YouTube

Link: Things are better (THANK YOU!!) - YouTube


Jehovah's Witnesses Beliefs Discussed (Now "The Soundtrack of My Life")

Link: "Things are bad" - Probably the Worst Lloyd Evans video of all time - more please, I beg you. - YouTube

Link: Lloyd Evans "Things are Bad Video" The Aftermath. - YouTube

Link: Lloyd Evans "Things are Better" Video, My response to the latest pile of Crap from Work Shy Evans - YouTube

Mike and Kim

Link: Mikey Rant- The Emotional Manipulator - YouTube