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Of all the issues many exJW's have with Mr Evans the most serious by far is his advocacy for victims of child sexual abuse. Why?

Because he is part of the problem.

To be absolutely clear, although rumours have persisted for some years, there are no substantiated claims that Mr Evans ever sexually abused a minor and we make no such allegation here. Why then do we say that Lloyd Evans is part of the child sexual abuse problem? Because of his frequent and persistent use of young prostitutes.

Even putting to one side his repeated infidelity and his public shaming of his wife by stating to his YouTube audience that sexually "she was not enough" for him, Evans remains stubbornly defiant in claiming that his use of young prostitutes in Thailand and other countries should not disqualify him from advocating for victims of child sexual abuse.

It shouldn't need explaining and I'm sure that almost everyone reading this will instinctively understand what the problem is but apparently it needs spelling out for Lloyd Evans so here goes. Paying girls for sex is incompatible with your campaign against child sexual abuse. It is no good claiming that the girls were not minors or that they were willing participants as you have no way of knowing for sure and in any case a 21 year old sex worker trafficked as a child, exploited by a Madam or pimp, in fear, debt and desperation is no less an abuse victim just because she has had a few more birthdays. 

Clients are funding human trafficking and enabling the sexual abuse of children and young boys and girls.

This is a huge issue for many folks in the exJW community. We simply do not want to be associated with this irresponsible and hypocritical activist. He is the tar we are all in danger of being brushed with.

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