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On 7 May 2022, YouTuber and former Jehovah's Witness Kameron Fader released a video about his "really bad experience" with Lloyd Evans.  

This Is Why People Don't Like Lloyd Evans - YouTube

As he related in his video, Kameron almost immediately had gotten a request from Lloyd to delete comments from a pre-interview video he had posted prior to his meeting Lloyd Evans in San Francisco.  Kameron had sought questions from his audience to ask Lloyd in the interview. Some of these questions were about Lloyd's written account from The Reluctant Apostate regarding when he got caught sexting someone by his wife in 2009.  Specific questions regarding the age of his partner were raised, especially since he mentioned that we had engaged in online relationships with "girls".

Per Kameron's account, he had asked Lloyd for more information behind the scenes regarding the sexting incident in his book which he did not read about yet and was completely unaware of.  Lloyd "balked" at explaining it any further and insisted that all questions about this were deleted.  Kameron reluctantly complied as Lloyd stated definitively that it was the job of the interviewer to protect the interview subject from negative questions.  However, he felt that this detracted from the purpose of the interview he was going to conduct which was talking about his book and the information contained within.

So, what were these questions that Lloyd had Kameron Fader delete?  Many of them were lost to time and the almost immediate deletion that followed.  Here's the bits and pieces that were snapshotted before Kameron deleted them at Lloyd's request:

Per Lloyd's comment in the first screengrab, "I don't have to say 'I was involved with someone of legal age' because that should just be taken as a given unless I say otherwise."  What an odd and presumptuous thing to assert!  Taken at face value, Lloyd felt that he should never have been asked if his sexting partner was of legal age simply because he never said they weren't.  So, by his logic, the question itself wasn't a valid one because it should have been assumed the girl was of legal age unless he specifically stated she wasn't.  It was this kind of circular logic from Lloyd that led many to not believe his story as presented.  This is what essentially had bothered Kameron as well as the people asking the questions.  Lloyd had ample opportunities to deny his sexting partner was a minor, but refused to answer and instead insisted the questions were deleted entirely.  




                    Kansas Ghost Adventures (AKA - Tom "JW Fairy Tales") called Lloyd and Kameron to task on this and stated that it was not slander to ask a question which could then be either confirmed or refuted. Instead, Lloyd had refused to answer the question and had it deleted from the comment section entirely.  "Questions are not accusations" as Kansas Ghost Adventures related, and asked Kameron specifically why he was censoring this question.  He then followed up with another asking Lloyd to differentiate what "women and girls" meant and to provide a simple yes or no answer to whether his online partner was of legal age.  Lloyd was quite obviously upset and challenged him to ask that same question of everyone else, even providing an "innocent until proven guilty": escape hatch so he could avoid answering the question.  At length Lloyd denied the accusation, but after much back and forth and bizarre banter as to how it should be assumed he was innocent.  He insisted that he was being held to different standards as if underage sexting was such a high bar to clear.  




In a long-winded rebuttal comment, Lloyd turned his fire upon the questioners, not so much the questions themselves.  He described it as a product of damaged cult members which has become a common refrain of Lloyd's from then up until the present day.  He also launched personal attacks upon Tom (JW Fairy Tales), Joel (Vast Apostate Hour) and any of their associates.  In a classic example of misdirection, he makes the comparison of his alleged misdeeds against the child abuse cover-ups of the WT and other policies such as the blood doctrine which didn't have anything to do with the question originally asked.  By his estimation, the question itself should have never been asked, and it was slander to do so.  However, given the nature of his revelation regarding his infidelities and online sex activities, it was a fair question since the very nature of online encounters is such that one can never be sure of the true identity of the person on the other end.  His sexting account related in The Reluctant Apostate had raised more questions than what had been answered.  

For example, per his own words in his book, he described it this way:

The previous day, while she had been at work, I had been involved in cybersex with a girl I had met online. The girl had texted me back since then, and Dijana had just read the message.

In these two sentences, Lloyd had used the term "girl" twice to describe the identity of his online sexting partner.  What did he mean by "girl"?  While it is true that he could have meant someone of legal age, he declined to comment upon this at first and instead had his interviewer delete the questions entirely.  What was also bizarre was his usage of "girl" in the first place, especially when it was to describe someone he had been sexting with. It was only after being asked the same questions over and over and after several dodges, that Lloyd denied them in a pique of anger.  Despite what he strongly felt, this was a valid question that could have been answered quite simply.  Instead, it was not, and Kameron Fader felt that it was bizarre that he had chosen that route.  Kameron later in his video described how he felt used by Lloyd and had not been allowed to ask him some questions.   

The reader can come to their own conclusions as to what the entire Kameron Fader interview and subsequent controversies were about.  For contextual reasons, this exchange led to Tom's appearance on Joel's podcast and subsequent heated observations about the encounter.

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Marko's Facebook statement soon followed all of this.  This was in 2017.